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Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

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30 min ichigo


30 min ichigo

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Anonymous: Im curios, If Saami people can identify as POC why dont you also do so?

because i’m a white person and benefit from white privilege.

not that i haven’t had to call out and educate ignorant people about my culture probably at least once a month, online and occasionally in real life, and a majority of my saami family have been victims of racism growing up because they weren’t ‘white enough’ to be treated like human beings…

but you cant tell by looking at me that i’m a marginalized minority, therefore i’m viewed and treated like a non-indigenous white girl, thats why i don’t identify as a person of color.

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Anonymous: Sami people are NOT people of color. They are an ethnic and cultural minority indigenous to northern Scandinavia, but they are racially indistinguishable from other people of the region (especially the Finns.) It's fine to be upset about the lack of minority representation in Disney movies - that's a position I agree with. But please don't devalue actual people of color by calling a white ethnic group "POC".



Just because the Sami people are a ’minor’ ethnic culture group, it does not mean that they are not POC. Being classified as a mere ethnicity doesn’t make just a regular person who isn’t called POC because they’re of their ethnicity.

But, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Frozen fucked up at representing the Sami people properly. Just having that Sami yoik chant at the beginning of the movie and having Sven act like a fucking dog and look more like an abnormal creature than an actual reindeer, pisses me off.      

Race is a social construct and Saami in the past have been physically othered by white people in Northern Europe. I remember selchieproductions wrote a post where he said Saami people were stereoptyped to have Mongolic features and were discriminated on that basis (as well as their culture and such obviously). Of course in reality Saami people have all sorts of unique looks just like any other ethnic group (and some can be white passing! but there are also some that are not. Also forced assimilation is a factor to consider as well.), but the fact is that they have been racially discriminated against and not just ethnically discriminated.

And yeah selchieproductions has written multiple posts on why Frozen isn’t a win in Saami representation.

okay first of all if you aren’t saami don’t talk about issues concerning my people like this, its fine for you to get educated about us, hell i encourage it, but you aren’t being some hero for indigenous peoples who in fact can speak for themselves when you do this.

and yes a majority of us are white not “white passing” or whatever misinformed shit you probably learned from a non-saami tumblr user (such a reliable source, good job) we identify as caucasian for the most part (but there are saami who identify as poc) you can in fact be indigenous and white at the same time regardless of how many people expect you to be a racist stereotype and get dissapointed when you arent!!! shocking right?

and a majority of the saami community including people in fucking sapmi love frozen including the presidents if i’m not mistaken, and i personally think kristoff was done pretty damn well regardless of the mistakes and honestly i’m willing to look past those just becuase this movie and his character are what made me want to be more involved in my saami heritage, and considering what disney usually does to indigenous characters the “short end of the stick” is a log compared to what other groups have gotten, not that you have to be satisfied with it, i’m not even 100% satisfied, i think this is a milestone to be proud of at least a little. there are plenty of things wrong with frozen but this really isn’t one of them you have a right to talk about unless youre a saami person and therefore affected by it, go discuss something else, for real.

and also “race is a social construct” wtf???

tldr; if you aren’t saami your opinion is absolutely invalid even if there are a few saami who take issue with how frozen interpreted our people and you need to never talk about this topic again, thanks.

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tv: white girls are beautiful!
magazines: white girls are beautiful!
media: white girls are beautiful!
society: white girls are beautiful!
white feminists: (white) girls are beautiful!
black girl: black girls are beautiful!
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forgive and forget?? haha no resent and remember

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Disney Ladies + Fighting/Defense
(sorry if your favorites aren’t included or that I missed one)

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girls: spank me i’ve been naughty

me: its okay we all make mistakes 

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